Pennsylvania has finally earned itself the distinction of being the only state left without a budget in place.

At odds are Governor Ed Rendell and the Senate Republicans. Governor Rendell wants to increase the personal income tax and expand the existing taxes, as well as creating new taxes. In addition, the governor would like to expand the gambling laws to allow video poker and gaming tables throughout Pensylvania, to increase gambling revenue. In a nutshell, Governor Rendell plans to tax us into prosperity. 

Senate Republican leaders, Dominic Pileggi, Joe Scarnati and Jane Orie continue to hold the line on refusing to increase taxes on Pennsylvanians, during one of the worst economic recessions of our times. Instead, they continue to articulate that the Commonwealth, like most Pennsylvania families, must tighten it’s belt by cutting irresponsible spending and bringing pet projects and over-bearing bureaucracy to an end.

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