You are cordially invited to the Wilder Museum’s 2010 finale, “A Walk on the Wilder Side.” It is the 2nd annual for-men-only night at the Wilder Museum of Warren County History and it benefits the operations of the museum. The museum closes for the season on October 30th and will reopen in April of 2011. We invite special guests to this after season fundraiser to provide the opportunity for a private showing of the museum’s artifacts; more specifically the Joe DeFrees gun collection and the Colonel Windsor exhibit.

This event is Wednesday, November 17, 2010, from 6 to 9 PM at the museum in Irvine. You will be greeted at the front door with a cold beverage. Once inside, you can take a tour of the intriguing displays and depictions of Warren County’s history. Firearms, the Oil Industry, Native Americans, the Timber Industry, Cars, Wars…are just some of the subjects addressed at the Wilder Museum. On this special just-for-men evening, the Joseph DeFrees gun collection will be on display and out for close inspection. Bob Wilder’s Red 1963 Mercedes Benz is there, too.

Plan a Walk on the Wilder Side on November 17. Bring your friends and join Warren County Historical Society President Tim Greenlund and others for an evening of history and a casual dinner with dessert and beverages served in a specially-created men’s lounge, all to benefit the Wilder Museum—Warren County History Center.

Please contact me at (814)723-1795 or at to say you will join Tim for a Walk on the Wilder Side. Generous donations are valued, but any level of contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Michelle Gray
Managing Director
Warren County Historical Society