Chapman State Park will be open to Canada goose hunting again this year, beginning September 3, 2013. Although the statewide Canada goose season begins September 2, goose hunting will not be allowed at the park until after Labor Day to avoid user conflict on the lake and beach areas. Areas open for this season include the entire lake and immediate surrounding areas. Hunters are encouraged tocanadagoose be especially mindful of non-hunting visitors and refrain from hunting in areas being used for other activities. For safety, non-hunting visitors are encouraged to wear blaze orange in all areas of the park during hunting seasons.

In addition to being open for the September Canada goose season (9/3-9/25), the lake and lake shore will also be open to goose hunting during other upcoming Canada goose season dates. According to Park Manager James McCorkle, “We are continuing our efforts to provide more hunting opportunities in the Park, similar to the past 2 years, and hope that the local hunters take advantage of it. The Canada goose hunting provides expanded opportunities for hunters that didn’t exist several years ago and also helps us effectively manage our goose population here.” Please consult the PA Game Commission for seasons and bag limits. Hunters are encouraged to contact the park office at 814-723-0250 for additional information or questions.