boonieslogoAugust 19 – 22, 2015 – The Boonies International Film Festival presented by The Boonies Northern Pennsylvania Film Office.
SUBMIT your film now at Without A Box and at Film Freeway .

Click here for the selected films for 2015.
The festival, all film screenings and workshops are free to attend thanks to our sponsors and supporters.
We accept film year round but have a dead line of 07-01-15 for the August 4 day international fest.
Accepted films will also have multiple screenings over one year via The Boonies Road Show 2015-2016. Film screenings at our Road Show events are also free to attend.
Canoe/kayak trips do have fees but the movie is free.
August 19th & 20th – Films screening in most of the eight counties served by the Northern Pennsylvania Film Office. Checkout these Boonies Film & Outdoor Adventures! All part of The Boonies International Film Festival 2015! This is film at The Boonies 2015 and you know we’re Just Up The Road.
Canoe or Kayak to Screenings – shuttled and guided river floats to a Boonies 2015 screening location.
Allegheny Outfitters – Warren, PA (Warren County) Details soon.
Lazy River Canoe Rental – Ridgway, PA (Elk County) – Outdoors – Thursday, August 20th. The movie is free to attend and you can contact Lazy River to book yourself or your group for this Boonies Movie & Outdoor Adventure. We’ll let you know the film as soon as we can but don’t wait to book the trip.
Alternative Screening Venues
Chapman State Park – Clarendon, PA (Warren County) – Outdoors – Wednesday, August 19th and August 20th in the amphitheater. Park rules apply and campers and the public at welcome. The event is free with the film TBA.
Stew’s Brew Coffeehouse – DuBois, PA (Clearfield County) – Indoors – Thursday, August 20th. The event is free with the film TBA.
Warren County Visitors Bureau – Starbrick, PA (Warren County) – Outdoors – Thursday, August 20th. The event is free with the film TBA.
Youngsville’s Island Park – Youngsville, PA (Warren County) – Outdoors – Wednesday, August 19th. The event is free with the film TBA.
The 21st & 22nd – In Warren, PA – Screening all competition and exhibition film for 2015 and Award Day Saturday
Six Downtown indoor screening venues! Allegheny Community Center; Allegheny Outfitters; Blair Retail Store; Cambridge Warren; Struthers Library Theatre; Warren Public Library.
Carl Hultman – musician – nanotechnology professor will be presenting a one of a kind meet & greet event! Free to attend. More details about Carl’s event real soon.
Tombob Outdoors will present a Drone Demonstration at high noon on Saturday, August 22nd hosted by the Dan Van Gogh’s Flower Shop on the corner of 3rd & Liberty in downtown Warren & by the Northern Pennsylvania Film Office.
Workshops 4 schedule more to come and BTW the workshops are free too.
Music events are being planned now
Hoping to display quality artwork at screening we are seeking artist to take part – contact us
Boonies Road Shows – varies/TBA

From Boonies International Executive Director Jeff Clark:
“I want you to know that this film festival is in the midst of the Allegheny National Forest. We are the film festival in the wilderness of the PA WILDS. They call this area Kinzua Country and yes we’re in the woods here. We’re rustic, rural but global too. International businesses are here and so are a lot of trees, wild life and outdoor adventure. This is a great place to have fun outdoors, relax, or do business at a different pace. For 2015 thing are growing! We still have our 4 day film festival in August but it’s not just in Warren any more. We’re screening across 8 counties served by our Northern PA Film Office on days 1 & 2 and then capping things off on days 3 & 4 in Warren for more screenings and awards day Saturday. Now you can adventurously explore our eight counties while attending an international film festival. Take a road trip it’s all “Just Up The Road”. A drive in The Boonies could land you on some renowned roadways like routes 6, 62, 66 and ah well, route 666. All with glorious scenery and where animal life abounds. So a drive to film festival just became a true outdoor adventure. Just natures beauty alone can make you feel awakened. On the road you can see a lot, too much to list here. I will add this last thought. When you get to Warren for the last two days you’ll find multiple alternative and classic screening venues, including the 18th oldest active theatre in America, an outdoor store and a museum all showing plenty of films. The alluring nature… it doesn’t end either. In Warren you can be totally amazed in the virgin forest at Heart’s Content recreation area, walk our tree lined streets or floating down the Allegheny River or Conewango Creek; both meander through the city. The Conewango is Pennsylvania’s #1 River of 2015. Enjoy some coffee in the street cafes and we utilize the Wi-Fi floating around downtown. Plan on stopping in – We’re Just Up The Road! The Boonies International Film Festival August 19th – 22th, 2015.”