canadagoose“Early Canada Goose Hunting” – Chapman State Park will again allow Early Canada goose hunting beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2015. The statewide season, designed to reduce local nuisance geese populations, runs through Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. Complete details regarding hunting seasons and bag limits can be found on the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website. Non-migratory Canada goose populations have increased drastically in recent years, causing crop damage and nuisance problems in residential neighborhoods. Park visitors often complain about goose excrement on state park beaches and other facilities, and water quality at some state parks has been adversely affected. Resident Canada geese have been among the suspected cause of high fecal coliform counts at some Pennsylvania state park beaches, forcing swimming restrictions during peak use periods. Many state parks have taken measures, including anti-goose fencing and/or the use of loud noisemakers, in attempt to deter the waterfowl or scare them away. All Game Commission rules and regulations governing the early Canada goose season will apply at state parks. Park information can be found at: Persons with disabilities wanting to hunt geese in the early season should contact the park office for further information.

What: Early Canada Goose Hunting
When: Tuesday, September 8 thru Friday, September 25, 2015
Where: Chapman State Park, 4790 Chapman Dam Road, Clarendon, Pa 16313