pf1Thirty men, women and children turned out for the spring Pheasants Forever work day in conjunction with the PA Game Commission. One retired gentleman travel 3 hours from Bradford county to show his support by building habitat. Forty degree temperatures made sure everyone had to work to stay warm.

Crews topped and stacked pine trees, fire cherry and the like to create brush piles for small animals on new State Game Lands #44. Cover and a safe nesting location are essential to keep the smaller animals away for the predators. In the next few years, the trimmed areas will sprout with blackberries and scrub to give the animals even more food and habitat.

A second crew headed into the game lands to take down a fence that was transported to the new game lands. It will later be reinstalled to shelter small crab apple tree seedlings.

PF sponsored a lunch for the hungry crews. Homemade soup, chili, hot dogs and fudge tasted better than ever after a full mornings work.

pf2Our Pheasants Forever Chapter 630 is proud to be able to contribute man-power to these events, building habitat for now and the future.

PF Chapter 630 is a very successful chapter thanks to the continued support of our members. Come see out display at the Central PA Outdoor and Sports Show at the Clearfield Fair Grounds, March 25-27, 2011. Our next meeting is Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Capital City fire hall on Front Street in Ridgway, PA.

Visit our web site at For more information, call Jane at 814-772-4604.

Jane H Bryndel
Pheasants Forever
Chapter 630
Publicity and Treasurer

A Night of Classic Rock for Friday the 13th

bocEdinboro, Pa. (2/23/11) – The Eerie Horror Film Festival announced today that they will be presenting an evening of classic rock with Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat on Friday the 13th of May at the Warner Theatre in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The two legendary bands will co-headline the event and perform their biggest hits on the stage of the historic Warner Theatre, one of the best venues in the region for a night that is sure to wow fans.

Formed in New York in 1967, Blue Oyster Cult is a rock and roll phenomenon, selling over 24 million albums worldwide, including 7 million in the United States alone.

Once described as a “thinking man’s heavy metal band”, Blue Oyster Cult have earned high praises from critics over the years and their music has been featured on movie soundtracks, video games and even served to inspire the now classic phrase, “more cowbell”.

Best known for their hit songs, “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, “Burnin’ for You” and “Godzilla”, the group continues to tour and attract new fans young and old.

foghatFoghat’s career began in 1971, pumping out high energy rock and roll with a strong blues influence. By the end of the 1970’s they were one of the most popular rock bands in the country with a string of hit songs that included “Slow Ride”, “Drivin’ Wheel”, “I Just Want Make Love to You” and “Fool for the City”, tunes that are still in heavy rotation on classic rock stations around the world.

Like Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat’s songs have been featured in several movies and video games.

A whole new generation of fans has discovered them through Guitar Hero’s inclusion of “Slow Ride”, which remains their signature tune.

Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat will be appearing at the Warner Theatre in Erie, Pa., May 13th at 7:30pm.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, February 26th at 10:00am and will be available at all Ticketmaster locations, the Tullio Arena box office or by calling (814) 452-4857 or (800) 745-3000.

Online users can also purchase their tickets at Tickemaster Online.

Our server for Warren County’s Community Website, and all clients of Darr Web Solutions, has been migrated/ upgraded to a brand new Intel Xeon x3450 Eight-Core (w/HT) 2.67ghz with 8mb cache and 8 GB of DDR3 ECC Quad-Based RAM. This server also features RAID 1 real time hard drive mirroring, to ensure that no data is lost, should the primary hard drive ever fail. Users experiencing slower load times during migration over the past week or so, should see a marked improvement in performance.

Since 1991, the Hunters Sharing the Harvest (HSH) program has coordinated the processing and distribution of donated wild game from hunters to Pennsylvanians in need.

Did You Know? An average-sized deer will provide enough highly-nutritious, low-cholesterol meat for 200 meals.
In an average hunting season, the HSH program will channel about 100,000 pounds of processed venison annually through the state’s 21 regional food banks, which then redistribute the meat to more than 3,000 local provider charities such as food pantries, missions, homeless shelters, Salvation Army facilities, and churches, in addition to families.

Hunters donating their harvest voluntarily pay a $15 tax-deductible fee toward each processed deer. The remainder of the processing fee is covered through HSH sponsors and donations.

Interested in Donating? Anyone interested in donating venison to the HSH program should call 1-866-474-2141. More information is available at

Seeking M/F talent of various ages for several roles in Lyons Den Productions’ new feature film, “There Are No Goodbyes.” To be filmed in Erie, Pennsylvania January-July 2011.  Previous acting experience not required.

Project type: Feature Film

Union Status: Union and Non-union

Pay Scale: Credit and copy, no pay

Role type(s): Lead, Supporting, and Extras

Director: John C. Lyons


Audition Date: Saturday, November 20th, 12:00-4:00PM

Erie Playhouse Rehearsal Hall, 1158 E. 12th Street, Erie Pennsylvania

Projected Start Date: January 2011

About the Film and the Filmmaker:

Synopsis – Born and raised in a quiet, industrial city, Oliver has grown comfortable, but without direction.  Still living in his deceased parents’ house, he is contacted by a mysterious gentleman who gives him an odd task to complete.  Without knowing the man or his motivation, he complies and is rewarded.  The tasks continue and provide purpose, but soon he begins to question the man and his intentions.  Frustrated and back on his own, Oliver crosses paths with a young photographer named Raina, who introduces new energy to his life.  The two fall in love, and all is well until the man returns with one more task to complete. Will Oliver succumb to his demands and does he have a choice?

“There Are No Goodbyes” is a fictional story about choices and finding purpose in one’s life in the context of the current sociopolitical climate of blue-collar America.  The film covers a mix of genres including: drama, romance, mystery, and science fiction.  Scenes for “There Are No Goodbyes” have already been shot in Poland, Czech Republic, and Ireland.  In January 2011, Lyons Den Productions will continue production in Erie, PA USA and expect to finish principal photography in the summer of 2011.

John C. Lyons is writing and directing the film based on an original story concept by Andy Flatley.  Lyons’ last film “Schism” (, a drama about one man’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, has played in film festivals, film series, and classrooms across the country for the past two years, winning awards at several of them, and is now available on DVD at Netflix and Amazon.  In 2006, Lyons was inducted into the Eerie Filmmaker Hall of Fame (Eerie Horror Film Festival).  Lyons was named one of The Erie-Times News’ People of the Year (2007) and selected for a Generation-e Leadership Award by the Young Erie Professionals (2009).  Lyons is also the Director of the Edinboro Film Series, Vice President of the Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania, and Vice President of the Boonies International Film Festival.

Audition Information:

The audition will consist of a screen test, photo, and reading of provided sides.  Roles and descriptions are listed on the second page of this announcement and at the film’s website  Sides will be posted online November 10th.  For questions please email or call 814-746-8264.  Although welcome, headshots and registration are not required prior to the audition date.  If you unable to attend, please contact us to send audition video, or attend the 2nd audition (TBA).  Those interested in non-speaking roles do not need to audition and should email contact information and headshot to the above address.

Lyons Den Productions

“There Are No Goodbyes” auditions

Seeking the following speaking roles:

OLIVER: late 20’s/early 30’s.  Male.  Lead role.  Quiet, polite, but directionless.  Unemployed.  Lives in his parents’ house.  Took care of parents before they died.  Home-schooled. 

RAINA: 21+. Female.  Lead role.  Outgoing and quirky.  Photographer.  Likes to travel and enjoys the arts, music, and supporting local businesses. 

FENRIS: 40’s.  Male.  Lead role.  Mysterious.  Confident.

JIMMY: 60+.  Male.  Lead role.  Retired and married.  Oliver’s neighbor and closest friend.  Occasionally works a Flea Market table and enjoys time with his coffee group for lunch.


MILLIE: 60+.  Female.  Supporting role.  Comfortably-retired widow.  Oliver’s neighbor.  Likes to gossip.  Hosts a card group in her home.  Frequently gives Oliver rides in her car.     

VELMA: 60+.  Female.  Supporting role.  Part of the card playing and mall-walking groups.

WILMA: 60+.  Female.  Supporting role.  Part of the card playing and mall-walking groups.

GERRY: 60+.  Male.  Supporting role.  Part of the mall-walking group.

JOHN: 60+.  Male.  Supporting role.  Outspoken conservative.  Part of the lunch group. 

RAY: 60+.  Male.  Supporting role.  Outspoken conservative.  Part of the lunch group. 

ASHLEY: 21+.  Female.  One of Raina’s close friends.

JESSICA: 21+.  Female.  One of Raina’s close friends.  Dating Mike.

MIKE: 21+.  Male.  One of Raina’s close friends.  Dating Jessica.

COUNCILWOMAN: 40’s/50’s.  Female.  Supporting role.  Trying to bring progress to the city.

NEWS ANCHOR 1 AND 2: 30-50.  Male or Female.  Anchors for local network news.


ERIC: late 20’s/early 30’s.  Male.  Supporting role.  Grew up with Oliver.  Works in NYC law firm.

JULIE: 20’s.  Female.  Supporting role.  Granddaughter of Velma.

AVERAGE JOE: 50’s.  Male.  Supporting role.  Cable Access TV conservative political personality.

SEER: 50’s/60’s.  Male.  Supporting role.  Speaks Polish.

CONTROL WOMAN: 30’s/40’s.  Female.  Supporting Role.  Speaks Polish.

YOUNG OLIVER: Teens.  Male.  Supporting Role.

OLIVER’S MOTHER: 40’s.  Female.  Supporting Role.

OLIVER’S FATHER: 50’s.  Male.  Supporting Role.

Other Minor Speaking Roles:

Waiters/Waitresses, Couple at a Bus Stop, Flea Market patrons, Ice Cream Store Owner, others.

Non-speaking Roles/Extras*:

Watch for announcements on our website for Extras needed in the following scenes:

Dance Club, Restaurant, Beach Wedding, Museum Exhibit, and more.

*Those interested in being an Extra: please email contact information and headshot.  No need to audition.

Gov. Rendell on Thursday said the effort to strike a deal this year on a natural-gas tax was “dead.”

Rendell blames Republican legislators, saying they had refused to “negotiate in good faith” on establishing a tax rate for drilling in the Marcellus Shale, and accusing them of pandering to the drilling industry, at the expense of Pennsylvania taxpayers.

“They clearly desire to put the costs of natural-gas drilling on the backs of Pennsylvania taxpayers, rather than on the large multinational oil and gas corporations who stand to reap enormous wealth from our state’s resources,” Rendell said.

Rendell argues that failing to enact a tax would harm the environment, make it harder for local governments to deal with the impact of drilling, and cost the state millions in revenue at a time when it desperately needs it.

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center has taken a stand in favor of a severance (extraction) tax, refuting claims that severance taxes will drive energy companies out of the state. In a research paper titled “Natural Gas Industry Report Falsely Claims Sky Will Fall if Severance Tax Enacted,” the Center points to other studies showing that severance taxes have negligible impact on production.

Here’s our opinion:

First, why would the severance tax drive energy companies out of the state? Is anyone out there foolish enough to actually believe that the tax will come out of their profits? Of course not… it will be passed along to all of us, the consumers… a new tax for Pennsylvanians to pay, courtesy of Rendell and friends.

Second, why is it going to cost the state and local governments millions? These companies already pay various fees to state and local governments for different aspects of their operations. The Marcellus Shale drilling will create numerous jobs in that industry, which translates into more tax revenues. They will be buying fuel that is taxed in Pennsylvania to run their equipment. Those companies and their employees will be purchasing countless other goods and services from Pennsylvania businesses such as food, lodging, entertainment, and much more, which will, in turn, help create more tax revenue and more jobs, as businesses hire new employees to meet the need. Where, exactly, is the downside of all that? Is Rendell afraid that Pennsylvania’s economy and businesses will prosper, despite all he’s done to bankrupt us?

However, the most logical argument I’ve heard for an extraction tax on the Marcellus Shale drilling is… drumroll, please…

 “Every other state has an energy tax in place…”

With that logic, if  New Jersey were to fall into the ocean, Pennsylvania should probably follow suit! With Rendell and friends at the helm, that’s probably where we’re headed.

This video should be seen by every American at least once…
It’s the soldier, not the reporter who has given us
Freedom of the Press.

It’s the soldier, not the poet, who has given us
Freedom of Speech.

It’s the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the
Freedom to Demonstrate.

It’s the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the
Right to a Fair Trial.

It’s the soldier who salutes the flag,
serves under the flag and
whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who gives the protestor the right to burn the flag.

~Father Dennis Edward O’Brien, USMC

A company, IGS Energy, in Dublin, Ohio, is sending letters to National Fuel Gas customers, offering the “opportunity” to switch from National Fuel as your natural gas supplier. Their letter boasts, “LOCK IN A RATE GUARANTEED THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2011!”

The letter goes on with a graph showing National Fuel’s “Average Winter Rate 2006-2010” at $0.96 per cubic foot of natural gas, while IGS Energy’s current rate is only $0.799 per cubic foot. Wow! That’s much cheaper, right? Well, it is until you compare actual rates upon checking my current and past bills from National Fuel, it seems that I’m already paying less than $.0.77 per cubic foot of natural gas! So, buyer beware! Do your homework before switching.

As it turns out, IGS Energy is a natural gas retailer, which means:

  • Your gas will still be delivered by National Fuel.
  • You will still pay a monthly customer charge to National Fuel.
  • You will still pay the delivery charge to National Fuel.

Even worse, after the September 2011 billing cycle, their contract allows them to raise the price significantly. A quick check shows a current NYMEX natural gas price (the index they base their prices on) of  $3.61 per MMBTU. This translates to $0.361 per cubic foot of natural gas. IGS Energy’s contract allows for them charging an additional $0.59 per cubic foot above the NYMEX closing price, for a total of $0.951 per cubic foot!

For some eye-opening information, type “IGS Energy scam” into our Google Search.

By executive order of Carl G. Roe, Executive Director of the PGC, the restrictions on hunting feral hogs in Pennsylvania have been lifted, with the exception of certain counties.

Update: The PGC executive director in June 2009 issued an executive order removing protection on feral swine in 66 of the 67 state’s counties, the only exception being Bedford County. Eradication trapping operations are underway there. Any person taking feral swine anywhere in the commonwealth must report it within 24 hours to the PGC Region Office that serves the county in which the harvest took place.

Licensed hunters, including those who qualify for license and fee exemptions, are eligible to participate in the unlimited incidental taking of feral swine in those 64 counties where feral swine are not protected. They may use manually-operated rifles, revolvers or shotguns, as well as muzzleloaders, bows and crossbows. All other methods and devices legal for taking feral swine must be conducted and/or used in compliance with the provisions of Section 2308 of Title 34 (Game and Wildlife Code), which can be viewed on the agency’s website ( in the “Laws & Regulations” section in the left-hand column of the homepage.

Roe encouraged residents who witness feral swine to also contact the Region Office that serves their county. For contact information, as well as list of counties that each region office serves, visit the Game Commission’s website (, click on the “Contact Us” link in the left-hand column of the homepage and scroll down to “Region Offices.”

Nearly 25 states across the nation have persistent and possibly permanent populations of feral swine established in the wild, and Pennsylvania is one of 16 new states where introduction is more recent and may still be countered through decisive eradication efforts.

Feral swine have been declared to be an injurious, non-native, invasive species of concern in Pennsylvania that are suspected to have been introduced into the wilds of this Commonwealth through a variety of means, including both intentional and unintentional releases. Feral swine also have been determined to pose a significant, imminent and unacceptable threat to this Commonwealth’s natural resources, including wildlife and its habitats; the agricultural industry, including crop and livestock production; the forest products industry; and human health and safety.

Again, always consult the Pennsylvania Game Commission Website for the most up-to-date information.

Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League, Inc.

Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Association



Issue: Discharge Petition and Floor Action – House Bill 40

For nearly 6 years we have ‘all’ been working to improve the use of force laws (known as Castle Doctrine) here in Pennsylvania so that gun owners would feel that they would be treated fairly ‘if’ they have to use force to defend their families with lethal force.  Unfortunately we have been frustrated by the idiosyncrasies of Pennsylvania politics.   Again, we want ‘nothing more’ than what other states have: reasonable legislation that will provide important protections for ‘law-abiding‘ citizens who must use protective force when confronting criminals.  Thousands of volunteer organizations’ dollars and thousands of man-hours have been dedicated to this effort.  Grassroots leaders of Pennsylvania gun rights organizations have bent over backwards trying to be fair in a good faith effort to accommodate critics of this important legislation.

Sadly, this legislation has been held hostage by a shrill minority in the legislature consisting of the Philadelphia Legislative caucus and certain agencies.  They are using their political connections to thwart the desire of the people.  The people want a vote and they want this bill on the governor’s desk for signature ASAP-THIS SESSION.  It is unconscionable to have tremendously popular legislation, with nearly 2/3 of the House of Representatives as co-sponsors, be denied a timely, fair, and honest vote.

The Pennsylvania organizations that support this legislation (identified below) are fully aware of the parliamentary options that are available to leadership to advance this legislation and we ask your support to encourage legislators and leadership to speedily resolve these issues and move this legislation with all possible haste-THIS SESSION!

Our organizations are receiving many complaints from individual gun owners, such as you, about legislative ambivalence and antipathy towards this concept and HB 40.  Our members, officers, and board members insist upon a more proactive stance and firm and definitive action on the part of legislators whom we have supported.   To this end we know there will be a vote on a discharge petition in the House of Representatives on Monday, September 26, and we encourage you to stress the importance of their support for not only this effort but also any other effort to advance House Bill 40 (Castle doctrine) through the legislative process in the next few coming days.

The bill will be much more likely to pass and be put on the Governor’s desk IF we can count on you to generate help support.  We know this is a last minute request and apologize for it but the broken promises of certain legislators in leadership has intentionally, we believe, left us with little time to maneuver.  We have tried every reasonable method to break HB 40 free of this legislative log jam without bothering you, to no avail.  Now we are asking for your help once again!

**Please contact your legislator and members of the House of Representatives leadership and let them know that you not only support this legislation but that you want them to ‘swiftly’ move it through the House to the Senate and to the Governor.

To Review the Bill:  HB 40 does not change the use of force requirements.   What it does do is eliminate the honest citizen’s duty to retreat when confronted by violent criminals and provide honest citizens with legal protection if they defend themselves from criminals.    It contains an anti-carjacking provision that will change state law so that if a criminal illegally and forcibly enters an occupied vehicle, the presumption is that he intends to harm the passengers.   Protections against civil actions are also provided, should your assailant or his relatives sue you for harming the criminal when you defended yourself and this includes protections for law enforcement as well.   

This legislation has been enacted in twenty three states and eighteen of these states have also enacted ‘No Duty to Retreat’ and is pending in even more.  Crime is down in these states.

Killers are more concerned about law-abiding citizens than police having firearms.   This was proven in the Wright-Rossi study and more recently by the example that the Columbine killers (Dylan and Klebold)  “shared opposition to a bill in the state legislature that would have made it easier to carry concealed weapons” (NYT, 6/29/1999).  

The grassroots organizations in support of this bill are listed below:

  1. Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League (ACSL),
  2. Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs (PFSC),
  3. Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Association (PSA),
  4. National Rifle Association (NRA),
  5. Gun Owners of America (GOA),
  6. Second Amendment Sisters (SAS),
  7. Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association (PR&PA),
  8. Pennsylvania Gun Collectors Association (PGCA)
  9. Lehigh Valley Firearms Coalition (LEVFC),
  10. Philadelphia Federation of Sportsmen’s Club
  11. Pennsylvania Gun Owners Association (PGOA)
  12. Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania (USP)
  13. Pennsylvania State Fish & Game Protective Association
  14. The Pink Pistols
  16. Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association (PAFOA)
  17. National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSA)
  18. Western Pennsylvania 30 Caliber League, Inc

**(FOAC)   Firearms Owners Against Crime records all votes related to firearms and the constitutional connections thereof.

We thank you in advance for your help with this critical and time sensitive step forward for our Freedoms and we will do our BEST to keep you informed on the developments ahead!


Kim Stolfer                            Harry Schneider
Legislative Committee, Chairman            Legislative Committee, Chairman
Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League        Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Association                    

(412) 221-3346, Home Phone

(412) 257-1099, Home Fax

Members of the House below are broken up into specific groups (Please focus on ‘your own legislator’, House Leadership, Pro-gun House members who have ‘not’ signed the discharge petition and Undecided legislators once again) and their e-mail addresses are next to their namesFor their phone numbers click on their ‘last’ name and the individual legislator’s information page will appear with ‘all’ of their contact information:

**Representatives listed below are in Majority & Minority Leadership Positions:

  1. Chair
  2. William
  3. Samuel Leader – Republicans
  4. Thomas R.-Caltagirone Chair
  5. Ronald S.-Marsico Chair
  6. John E.-Pallone Com Crime&Cor
  7. Deberah-Kula –
  8. Todd Chairman
  9. Keith
  10. Michael-Turzai – Republicans

**Representatives listed below uncommitted on HB 40:

  1. Brendan -D
  2. -D
  4. Richard – -D
  5. Thomas
  6. John
  7. -D
  8. Ken-Smith –
  9. Bryan R.-Lentz –
  10. Bernard T.-O’Neill
  11. Josh-Shapiro
  12. Chelsa-Wagner –
  13. WillGabig
  14. Ronald S.-Marsico
  15. Mike-Vereb

**Representatives listed below are against HB 40:

  4. William
  5. Todd
  6. William F.-Adolph
  7. Louise
  8. -D
  9. Ronald
  10. Mark B.-Cohen
  15. Robert
  16. Dan
  17. Robert
  18. John
  20. Tim-Hennessey
  21. Kenyatta – -D
  24. David
  25. -D
  26. Jennifer
  27. Anthony
  29. Michael H.-O’Brienmobrien@pahouse.netD
  30. Frank L.-Oliver
  31. Cherelle L.-Parkercparker@pahouse.netD
  32. Eddie
  33. Tony
  34. Joseph-Preston
  35. James R.-Roebuck
  37. Dante-Santoni
  38. P.
  39. John
  40. Rick-Taylor –
  41. W.
  43. Rosita
  44. John
  45. Greg S.-Vitali
  46. Kathy M.-Manderino
  47. Paul –Drucker – -D
  48. Ronald G.-Waters

**Representatives listed below are co-sponsors of HB 40:

  1. Samuel
  3. Edward G.-Staback
  4. Mark
  5. -D
  6. Joseph A.-Petrarca
  7. John E.-Pallone
  8. Deberah-Kula –
  10. Matthew
  11. -D
  13. John C.-Bear –jbear@pahousegop.comR
  14. Robert E.-Belfanti
  15. Kerry
  17. Karen-Bobackkboback@pahousegop.comR
  18. Scott
  19. Joseph F.-Brennan –
  21. -D
  23. James E.-Casorio
  24. Martin
  25. Jim – -R
  26. Paul
  27. Dom-Costa – -D
  28. Jim-Coxjcox@pahousegop.comR
  29. Thomas C.-Creighton
  31. Peter J.-Daley
  32. Gary-Daygday@pahousegop.comR
  33. Daniel-Deasy – -D
  34. Sheryl-Deloziersdelozie@pahousegop.comR
  38. H.
  39. Brian
  40. John
  41. Garth
  42. Russ
  43. Frank A-Farry –
  45. Matt-Gablermgabler@pahousegop.comR
  46. Richard
  47. Camille “Bud”
  48. Marc
  50. Keith
  51. Mauree
  52. Robert
  53. Neal P.-Goodman
  54. Glen R.-Grell
  55. Seth M-Grovesgrove@pahousegop.comR
  57. Michael
  58. R.
  60. Kate-Harper
  61. C.
  62. Susan C. “Sue”
  63. Dick L.-Hess
  64. David
  66. -D
  67. Scott
  69. David
  70. Tom
  71. Jerry-Knowlesjknowles@pahousegop.comR
  73. Nick-Kotik
  74. Tim-Krieger –tkrieger@pahousegop.comR
  76. John
  79. Joseph
  81. Robert-Matziermatzie@pahouse.netD
  82. Michael
  83. Daryl-Metcalfe
  84. Carl –
  86. Nicholas
  87. David
  90. T.
  91. Donna-Oberlanderdoberlan@pahousegop.comR
  92. John
  93. Michael-Peifer
  94. Scott-Perrysperry@pahousegop.comR
  95. John
  96. Scott
  97. Merle
  99. Jeffrey
  100. Thomas
  102. Kathy
  103. Harry A.-Readshaw
  105. Mike-Reesemreese@pahousegop.comR
  106. Douglas
  108. Todd-Rock
  109. Samuel
  111. Stanley
  112. Mario
  113. Curt-Schroder
  116. Matthew-Smithmhsmith@pahouse.netD
  118. Curtis
  119. Richard R.-Stevenson
  121. Will-Tallmanwtallman@pahousegop.comR
  122. Randy  –
  123. Katharine M.-Watson
  124. Jesse-White –jwhite@pahouse.netD
  125. Katie-TRUE
  126. Josh-Shapiro
  127. Thomas R.-Caltagirone
  128. Ronald S.-Marsico
  129. Will-Gabig
  130. Bryan R.-Lentz –
  131. Bernard T.-O’Neill
  132. Mike-Vereb
  133. Chelsa-Wagner –