The hike to Jakes Rocks Overlook can be easily made in less than 10 minutes on the fairly level, paved pathway, making this a very easy hike for nearly anyone. The overlooks offer spectacular views of the Kinzua Dam and Allegheny Reservoir. Commonly seen wildlife in this area includes birds, chipmunks, squirrels, grouse, and whitetail deer. In addition, black bear, wild turkey, red & grey fox, raccoon, opossum, bobcat, fisher,weasel, and coyotes can be found in the area, but seen less often. Be sure to stay on the trails, as there are dangerous cliffs around the overlook area.


  • Public restrooms
  • Picnic area
  • Paved hiking trails

To reach the trailhead from Warren, Pennsylvania:

  • Take Route 59 past the Kinzua Dam
  • Turn right onto Longhouse Scenic Drive
  • Turn right again onto Forest Road 492
  • Turn right again at the stop sign.
  • Bear to the right at the triangle intersection, and go to the 2nd parking lot.
  • The trailhead is near the back of the lot.

View Jakes Rocks Overlook Trail in a larger map

Well, the 2008 hunting season has had it’s ups and downs…

Pheasant hunting was so-so… had to hunt the really thick cover in the swamps and thickets to find any birds. The dogs did their job, but the pheasants seemed to run more often than usual this year. We even had one rooster takes us on a 3/4 mile hike, before he flushed.

Bear season was short… Marvin and I hunted the Jakes Rocks area. We went in blind, not having scouted. We basically picked a spot based on the fact that there were no other hunters there, yet. 1/4 mile from the car, we hit fresh bear tracks and started following them.

Well, 20 minutes later, Marvin spotted the bear bedded under some hemlocks and made a nice shot. That made for a short, but exciting season.

Marvin Darr and Andy Travis with Black Bears
Left to right: Marvin Darr and Andy Travis with bears

Only about 115 lbs live weight, but it was an adult male, estimated to be between 2 and 5 years old.

December 1st, we went back to the same area, as we had seen some deer and lots of sign. The drive in was a nightmare… if it hadn’t been for all-wheel-drive, we’d probably still be sitting there… lots of snow and ice, once we turned off Route 59.

Marvin took off following fresh tracks, while Steven and I took a stand for a little while. After not seeing anything, we got bored and started looking for a new place to stand. Just when we’d found a likely spot and were looking for a place to sit, I looked to my left and saw deer… 5 of them… all bucks, with 6 to 8 points each. After I pointed them out to Steven, he took a rest and promptly missed!… then I missed… twice! Four of them ran down over the ridge, while one stayed behind some thick cover.

Well, we attempted to stalk him, but he ended up following the others. So, we started off in the direction they had run, and in about 3 minutes, I found myself face to face with the straggler at 50 yards. A quick head-on shot to the neck, while he was studying us, ended the chase. He turned out to be a 7-point, with a so-so rack, but a decent-sized body.

So, for big game, our 2008 season is off to a good start for us, and hopefully, for you, too.

There’s still lots of time left to bag a deer, and the weather looks to be cooperative, with more snow in our forecast.

Good luck to all of you!!!