Nathan Welker, a Fisheries Biologist with the Allegheny National Forest has suggested bringing Mike Rowe and the “Dirty Jobs” crew to to 2012 Allegheny River Cleanup.

We think this is a great idea that would give Warren County some much-needed exposure, as well as shed some light on what a valuable resource we have here.

Below is Nathan Welker’s post from the Dirty Jobs Message Board. Be sure to add your own message to Mike and the “Dirty Jobs” crew, as well as share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.


We would like to invite Mike and the DIRTY JOBS crew to join us for the 2012 Allegheny River Cleanup. The 87-mile federally designated Wild & Scenic Allegheny River flows south from the US Army Corps Kinzua Dam through the Allegheny National Forest towards Pittsburgh, PA.

This years fourth annual event will be September 8-15, 2012.

In previous years we’ve used:

• SCUBA to dive for old tires and large trash items,
• FIRE TRUCKS to blast shopping carts out of the mud,
• CUTTING TORCHES and CHOP SAWS hauled by jet boats to cut up large items and remove them from remote locations,
• JET BOATS and CANOES to haul tons of filthy wet trash to boat launches, and
• DUMP TRUCKS and ROLL OFF DUMPSTERS to haul away the trash.

Each year hundreds of volunteers spend five days wading around in the mud and water to collect trash from our beautiful Wild & Scenic Allegheny River. Once the trash is collected it is then sorted for recycling by a small army of volunteers.

The 2011 cleanup yielded over 50 cubic yards of trash, plus 12,600 pounds of metal, and 237 tires. In addition, dozens of garbage bags full of glass, plastic, and aluminum were also recycled.

Items of interest included:

• 8-ft snowplow (approx. 600 lb)
• 1800’s barge anchor
• Metal staircase
• 4-ft x 10-ft wooden dock
• Dam WARNING high water sign
• Antique 4-leg washing machine
• 14-ft rubber kayak
• Swing set frame
• (2) bowling lane bench seats
• Push mowers (multiple)
• Shopping carts (multiple)
• Mattress springs (multiple)
• Wooden picnic tables (several)
• (2) 8-ft railroad ties
• (2) Cast-iron oil well pump jacks
• (2) 12-ft oil sorbent booms
• High voltage transformer unit
• Guttering and downspout unit
• 12-ft barn door track
• Commercial garbage can cover
• Municipal steel garbage can
• Televisions (multiple)
• Refrigerators (multiple)
• Kitchen sinks (multiple)
• Toilets (multiple and varied)
• Ice maker
• Water heater
• 55-gallon drums, plastic & steel (multiple)
• Antique brass fire extinguisher
• Highway sign
• Orange/white striped construction barrel
• Gas grill
• Wooden porch swing
• Dishwasher
• Vacuum cleaner
• Emerald ash borer beetle trap
• Rear tires/axle of riding mower
• Manual typewriter
• Carpets (multiple)
• Motorcycle helmet
• Trolling motor
• Cell phones
• Kid’s big wheel bikes, balls, and toys (multiple)
• ………… and the list goes on and on!!

To call the previous three Cleanups a success would be an understatement. The community’s support and enthusiasm has simply been amazing!!

Last year we had over 70 agencies/organizations that came together in support of the event. A total of 403 volunteers donated 3,224 hours while removing trash from 31 miles of the Allegheny River, 18 miles of Conewango Creek, and 5 miles of Brokenstraw Creek.

Partner organizations included:

• Allegheny Outfitters / Indian Waters Canoe & Kayak
• Boy Scouts of America
• Conewango Creek Watershed Association
• Conewango Kayak & Canoe
• DCNR Bureau of Forestry
• Experience, Inc.
• Friends of Allegheny Wilderness
• North Warren Volunteer Fire Department
• Kinzua Fish & Wildlife Association
• Northwest Savings Bank
• Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission
• Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways
• PNC Bank
• Tim Horton’s
• Trout Unlimited
• US Army Corps of Engineers
• US Forest Service
• Walmart
• Warren County Adult Probation & Parole
• Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry
• Warren County Conservation District
• Whirley DrinkWorks!
• Young Professionals of Warren County

….. and many ….. many more.

This annual event is a wonderful ‘Community Conservation Event’ that is sure to leave Mike and the Crew smiling, filthy, and wet. This is a TRUE dirty job. You want disgusting, we’ve got it. You’d be amazed at the things we pull out of the river.

If DIRTY JOBS would be kind enough to join us we can GUARANTEE they’ll have a great time ….. and ….. a wonderfully entertaining segment for the show.

Each year we end the weeklong event by having a “River Riot” celebration. This year’s shindig will take place the evening of Saturday, September 15, following the days cleanup activities.

Participants and their families are treated to free chicken barbeque, free adult and NA beverages, an excellent local band playing music from the 60’s and 70’s, and free camping in a US Forest Service campground for anyone who’d like to ‘sleep off their dinner’.

Planning for the 2012 Allegheny River Cleanup has already begun. The planning committee welcomes new volunteers and ideas. To get involved in the planning of the 2012 Allegheny River Cleanup, visit and use the contact form to reach the organizers.

Please check us out and and feel free to contact me with any comments or questions that you might have.

Thank you,

Nathan J. Welker
Fisheries Biologist / Administrator

Allegheny National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
4 Farm Colony Drive
Warren, Pennsylvania 16365
(814) 728-6163
Fax: (814) 726-1465

Presented by: Health America
July 16: Warren Adventures Canoe and Kayak Race
Location: Allegheny River – starting at the Kinzua spillway and ending at the Betts Park Boat Launch Area

Same day Registration @ the Kinzua spillway ramp from 9:00 am to 11:45 am, off Route 59. The first race classes will be setting off at 12:00 Noon. The course will be virtually the same as the 2003, 2005, 2007, & 2009 USCA Nationals.

Entry fees:
Adult paddler (18 years and older) $20 pre-register or $25 day of event.
Youth paddler (under 18 years of age) $10
Little Tykes (5-12 years old) fun event FREE.
Please register early for Little Tykes Event to ensure canoe & adult availability.

Extras include:
A post race dinner will be offered at an affordable price, a unique gift for all youngsters participating in the Little Tyke Event, trophies for 1st 2nd & 3rd places in competitive races, event T-shirts, door prizes, music, and more.

Events presented by: Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry

C-2 Stock Men
C-2 Stocked Women
C-2 Stocked Mixed
C-2 Standard Men (4 X 32 cruisers allowed, as in USCA)
C-2 Standard Women (4 X 32 cruisers allowed, as in USCA)
C-2 Standard Mixed (4 X 32 cruisers allowed, as in USCA)
C-2 Open Men (3 X 27 Pro type)
C-2 Open Women (3 X 27 Pro type)
C-2 Open Mixed (3 X 27 Pro type)
C-1 Stock Men
C-1 Stock Women
C-1 Open Men
C-1 Open Women


1 Recreational/Novice any gender (this class kayaks must be roto-mold/poly, recreational only, no racing designs) Paddlers must have never placed 1st 2nd or 3rd in a race before. This Novice class will not be required to do the up stream loops.
K-1 Short Men (maximum length 16′)
K-1 Short Women (maximum length 16′)
K-1 Sea Kayak Men (maximum length 18′)
K-1 Sea Kayak Women (maximum length 18′)
K-1 Touring Men (maximum length 20′)
K-1 Touring Women (maximum length 20′)
K-1 Unlimited Men
K-1 Unlimited Women
Novice Classes


C-2 Novice Men
C-2 Novice Women
C-2 Novice Mixed


K-1 Novice Men
K-1 Novice Women

Register Online

Mail in Form

Business Division Form

Warren Adventures Pat Shine Memorial Business Division

The winning team in the business division will win the traveling trophy that can be displayed at your business for a year until you either defend your title or it is taken away!

Business teams will participate in teams of two in a canoe class!

For more information call John Papalia 814-723-3050 or email

Allegheny Outfitters is a family-run business known for its canoe and kayak rentals and clean-up efforts along the Allegheny River and this year they have expanded by opening a new outdoor gear store and wilderness trip planning center in downtown Warren. “The 2600-square-foot store, which opened March 12, caters to campers, climbers, paddlers, hikers, adventure racers, Scouts and other outdoor enthusiasts of varying stripes and abilities,” said owner Piper Lindell. “We’ve got everything from Old Town canoes to ultralight duel-flame cooking stoves to women and men’s outdoor fashions to synthetic, dissectible owl puke for the kids,” Lindell said. “We tried to keep it fun.”

Allegheny Outfitters has seen robust growth in its livery operations since Piper and her husband, Josh, bought the business in 2006. The pair published the Allegheny River Paddling Guide, launched the Allegheny River Wilderness Island Geo-Trail and also founded the Allegheny River Clean-Up, an annual event involving dozens of sponsors and volunteers that has retrieved thousands of pounds of garbage from the Allegheny River and its tributaries over the last two years. They’ve also donated time to the PA Wilds Initiative, an effort to grow outdoor tourism across 12 1/2 counties in rural Pennsylvania, including Warren.

The Lindells’ conservation and business development efforts have won them numerous awards – from the Governor’s Office, the Pennsylvania Wilds, the Gannon Small Business Development Center and the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry, as well as a write-up in Entrepreneur, a national magazine. “The feedback we’ve gotten from customers and the community has meant a lot to us,” Lindell said. “Growing a small business is grueling work. There is a lot of uncertainty and personal sacrifice involved when you start out like we did, which is to say as two kids from the sticks, with very little capital, in an economically-depressed area, during a terrible recession, in a new industry, with a weather-dependant, seasonal business and three young kids to boot. You can never have too many cheerleaders in that case, no matter how passionate or hard-working you are, and we appreciate every last one of ours.”

One of the main features of Allegheny Outfitters Company Store is a free “Wilderness Trip Planning Center,” an area with tables and wall maps and 3-D topographical maps that customers can use to plan trips on the Allegheny River and in the Allegheny National Forest. A variety of free gear demos, workshops and presentations will be held in the Wilderness Trip Planning Center throughout the year, Lindell said. “Our out-of-town customers and big groups have long asked for a place where they can sit with us and plan their river or backpacking adventure, so we’re excited to finally be able to meet that demand,” Lindell said. “Our other goal with the trip planning center is to create a place where local outdoor groups can come together, share information, be inspired and get stuff done.”

Meredith Hill, Director of the PA Wilds Initiative for the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said Allegheny Outfitters has become a great example in the region for how conservation work can be married with economic development in the private sector. “On the economic development side, they use the area’s natural assets to attract visitors, create jobs and pass foot traffic to other businesses,” she said. “On the conservation side, they connect people to the natural resources in a way that encourages them to be better stewards. It’s great stuff and what the PA Wilds Initiative is all about.”

The Lindells are born and raised in the area, both military veterans, and WEC members. They are paddlers and anglers themselves and take pride in learning everything they can about the river and its surroundings so they can pass that knowledge on to customers. Their desire is to connect people to their natural surroundings in a way that is safe and meaningful and keeps them returning to the region for years to come.

The Allegheny River is part of the nation’s Wild and Scenic Rivers System. It boasts several campgrounds, trails, historical sites and other points of interest, such as the Allegheny National Forest. Paddlers share the calm and scenic waterway with eagles, Great Blue Heron, snapping turtles, white tailed-deer and many other species. In 2003, National Geographic Adventure named the Allegheny River one of the nation’s ’40 Great Fall Weekend Getaways’. The Lindell’s captured the river’s beauty – and some incredible eagle footage — in a recent online video, “Find Your Outside Voice,” which can be seen at:

“Last year we had 511 volunteers donate more than 4,200 hours over 5 days to clean two tributaries and a 31 mile stretch of the Allegheny River,” Lindell said. “They removed around 70 cubic yards of trash and recycled 9,560 lbs of metal (not including one Harley Davidson that has a future), 280 tires, 24 buckets of glass, 33 bags of plastic bottles and 17 bags of aluminum cans – really incredible stuff. We can’t say enough good things about all the volunteers and sponsors who come out to help. We encourage everyone to get involved.” The tentative date for the 2011 Allegheny River Clean Up is September 11-17.

Store & Wilderness Trip Planning Center: Open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Carries gear for campers, climbers, paddlers, hikers, adventure racers, Scouts and other outdoor enthusiasts of varying stripes and abilities. Wilderness trip planning services, winter and summer activities classes, gear demos and more. 430 Pennsylvania Avenue W., Warren, Pa. or email
Livery Services: Open April to October. Offers flat-water paddling adventures on the Allegheny River ranging anywhere from 3 hrs in length to 8 days. Trips vary in price, starting at about $40. Cost covers boat, paddles, lifejackets, trip planning services and a shuttle to and from start and end points. Reservations strongly recommended. For detailed descriptions of available day trips, go to or call 814-723-1203. For detailed descriptions of overnight trips go to or call 814-484-3252. Puzzled by what trip you want? Shoot them an email at
The Allegheny River Wilderness Island Geo Trail (ARWIGT) is a great chance to earn a cool looking coin, while exploring one of America’s Wild and Scenic Rivers and several river islands along the Allegheny River. Some caches may be traditional, and others may send you to multiple points before you find your treasure. The ARWIGT is sure to put your paddling and caching skills to the test. They have placed 8 geocaches on Wilderness Islands along the Allegheny River. All the caches are between Kinzua Dam and Indian Waters, a 26 mile stretch, can be covered in as little as two days in a canoe or kayak.

Warren County Visitors Bureau Press Release:

Public Program for Persons Interested in Observing the American Bald Eagle

Penn State Cooperative Extension, Warren County in partnership with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Allegheny Outdoor Club and Penn Soil RC&D announce a free public educational and observational program entitled “EAGLE WATCH”.

The program will be held on Saturday February 5, 2011 at Kinzua Dam located directly off State Route 59, 6 miles east of Warren, Pennsylvania. Three public interest areas will be open for viewing and learning about eagles. They include; the top of Kinzua Dam, Visitor Center and the new Wildlife Observation Platform.

Interested persons may observe wild eagles anytime between 8am to 2pm. Observation stations will be manned and spotting scopes will be set up to better observe these awesome birds.

Program leaders from Penn State, Corps of Engineers, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Allegheny Outdoor Club and Penn Soil RC&D will be available to answer questions, present programs and guide this unique outdoor experience.

For additional information please contact Penn State Cooperative Extension at (814) 563-9388.

In addition to the Eagle Watch the Kinzua Cachers will host a geo meet with temporary geocaches between 8:30am – 2pm. Meet at the Visitor Center below the Kinzua Dam. Persons age 18 and older must show photo ID to access the top of the Kinzua Dam.

Bent Run is a small stream that descends between Forest Road 160 and Route 59, above the Kinzua Dam. Over the mile it descends, the water drops about 700 feet in a series of small cascades, ending in small pools. The largest waterfall is about 30 feet, when the stream is at capacity. A series of falls can be seen from the parking area. There is a rocky worn trail leading alongside the falls, up the hill. It is possible to travel from the base of the run all the way to the top, but climbing becomes difficult. Best viewing time is after a good rain or during the Spring thaw, when the stream is in its full glory. During drier times of the year, the flow is reduced to a trickle.

Note: Steep and rocky terrain – rocks become very slippery when wet. Trail becomes less distinct as you gain altitude.


  • Public restrooms at nearby Kinzua Dam 

To reach the trailhead from Warren, Pennsylvania:

  • Take Route 59 past the Kinzua Dam – Bent Run parking area is on the right, just a short distance past the Kinzua Dam


View Bent Run Hike in a larger map

The hike to Rimrock Overlook can be easily made in less than 10 minutes on the man-made pathway. A series of steps and board walkways help you descend to the main overlooks. These overlooks offer spectacular views of the Allegheny Reservoir and Allegheny National Forest. Another set of steps, carved in the stone, take you down below the overlook to primitive hiking trails. Commonly seen wildlife in this area includes birds, chipmunks, squirrels, grouse, and whitetail deer. In addition, black bear, wild turkey, red & grey fox, raccoon, opossum, bobcat, fisher,weasel, and coyotes can be found in the area, but seen less often. Be sure to stay on the trails, as there are dangerous cliffs around the overlook area.


  • Public restrooms
  • Picnic area
  • Board walkways and steps, as well as primitive trails below the overlook 

To reach the trailhead from Warren, Pennsylvania:

  • Take Route 59 past the Kinzua Dam, Wolf Run Marina, and Kinzua Beach
  • Turn right at the top of the hill after Kinzua Beach/ Wolf Run Marina
  • Road ends in parking area

View Rimrock Overlook Trail in a larger map

The hike to Jakes Rocks Overlook can be easily made in less than 10 minutes on the fairly level, paved pathway, making this a very easy hike for nearly anyone. The overlooks offer spectacular views of the Kinzua Dam and Allegheny Reservoir. Commonly seen wildlife in this area includes birds, chipmunks, squirrels, grouse, and whitetail deer. In addition, black bear, wild turkey, red & grey fox, raccoon, opossum, bobcat, fisher,weasel, and coyotes can be found in the area, but seen less often. Be sure to stay on the trails, as there are dangerous cliffs around the overlook area.


  • Public restrooms
  • Picnic area
  • Paved hiking trails

To reach the trailhead from Warren, Pennsylvania:

  • Take Route 59 past the Kinzua Dam
  • Turn right onto Longhouse Scenic Drive
  • Turn right again onto Forest Road 492
  • Turn right again at the stop sign.
  • Bear to the right at the triangle intersection, and go to the 2nd parking lot.
  • The trailhead is near the back of the lot.

View Jakes Rocks Overlook Trail in a larger map