Friday, May 25, 2012
6:00-7:30 PM – “STREAM STOMP” – Investigate the stream by Penny Run Trail and look for fish, salamanders, crayfish and other aquatic creatures. Be prepared to get your feet Wet! Meet at Parking Lot # 1
9:00 – 10:30 PM – “WELCOME CAMPFIRE” – Gather around a comfortable campfire and let us welcome you to Chapman State Park. Learn about wildlife, listen to campfire stories and share your own favorites, and enjoy roasted marshmallows. Meet at Camp Host Site

Saturday, May 26, 2012
3:00 – 4:30 PM – “ANIMAL TRACKS” – Have you ever found an animal track you wished you could identify? Join the Naturalist to identify them and make a track craft to take home. Meet at Beach Concession Stand
8:00- 9:30 PM – “MOVIE NIGHT – SEASON OF THE BEAR” – Enjoy Volume 1 as you watch black bears up close and personal! Amphitheater

Sunday, May 27, 2012
10:00 AM – CHAPEL SERVICE – NON-DENOMINATIONAL  Amphitheater (Pavilion 4 in case of rain)
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM – “CANOE CHAPMAN”- Come to the Mooring Area by the Warming Hut for a short lesson on basic boating safety and then take a canoe tour on the lake and the creek. Kayaks will also be available to try. Pre-registration is REQUIRED as canoes and kayaks are limited. You may bring your own canoe or kayak but you must still register. Registrations can be made by calling the park office at (814) 723-0250 by Saturday, 5/26. Mooring Area
3:00 – 4:30 PM – “ECO-SAND SCULPTURE COMPETITION” – Are you up for the challenge? Come out to the beach to learn about ecosystems and enter a nature-themed sculpture into the contest. Small prizes and certificates will be awarded to winners. Please bring your own sand equipment. Beach

Monday, May 28, 2012
All Day – “FISH FOR FREE DAY” – No license needed. All other regulations apply. Lake only
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM – “FAMILY FISHING” – Join the Park Naturalist for a day of fishing. Poles and bait will be provided. Pavilion #1
3:00 – 4:30 PM – “FISH PRINTS” – Learn about the ancient Chinese art of fish printing and then make your own. Beach Concession Stand

CONCESSION STAND (boat rentals/snacks/ice/firewood, etc.)
Friday – 1 pm to 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday – 11am-7pm
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday(closed Tuesdays) – 12 noon-6 pm
Use your camping receipt to receive a 10% discount on boat and bike rental.

Print a Copy

Join us in rehabilitating our native flower gardens at Chapman State Park for National Public Lands Day on September 24, 2011 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Meet the Park Naturalist at the Environmental Learning Center at 10:00 am.  Please bring your gardening tools.  Lunch will be provided for those who participate.  Call the park office for more information at (814) 723-0250.
Jennifer Moore, EIT

“I COT A Glimpse”
The Warren County Council on Tourism is having a yearlong photo competition. They are looking for a variety of pictures of Warren County ranging from scenery, wildlife, hunting, fishing, sporting events, festivals, you name it!!

Each month all the photos turned in will be reviewed, and the winning photo will be highlighted on the Warren Adventures web page. All photo’s turned in will be saved and could still show up somewhere on the site throughout the year.

This is a free contest for everyone to participate in. To submit a photo you can send it by email to John Papalia. All photos submitted will become the property of the Council on Tourism. Please include your name and contact information with the photo so credit can be given to you on the website. If you are the month’s winner you will be contacted before the picture is put on the website.

The Warren County Council on Tourism challenges you to capture your Warren Adventure!

pfBelieve it or not, spring is almost in the air and it’s time to start planning 2011 projects. All animals enjoy the new acreage of PA State Game Lands #44 but our work will help habitat for small animals such as rabbits and birds by improving food and cover. Our tractor crew will continue our annual planting of grasses, clover and sorghum later in the spring.The Pheasants Forever Work Day on PA Game Lands #44 is set for Saturday, March 19, 2011 starting at 8:00 AM. Groups will form and work 9AM-noon and 1PM until 4PM or until the work is done. We will park past the dedication sign going in to the Shawmut tract of PA State Game Lands #44 at the top of the hill.

We will need as many people as possible to bring chain saws, chaps, helmets, pruning poles and other safety gear and brush cutting tools. Everyone using a chain saw will be required to wear chaps, no exceptions. We will be working outdoors cutting brush and building habitat so dress for the weather with good boots. Pheasants Forever will once again provide a lunch for the volunteers.

This is a great way for scouts and kids to earn community service hours. Everyone must complete an Agreement for Voluntary Service form. If you are bringing anyone under 18 years of age, please use the contact information below so that their parents or guardians can sign a waiver a head of time.

Can you commit to 3 hours of good outdoor exercise? Please reserve this date on your calendar.

PF Chapter 630 is a very successful chapter thanks to the support of our members. Our next meeting is Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Capital City fire hall on Front Street in Ridgway, PA.

Visit our web site at For more information, call Jane at 814-772-4604.

pfplateJane H Bryndel
Pheasants Forever
Chapter 630
Publicity and Treasurer

This is not so much a “hike”, as an exploration. A ridge, several hundred yards long, made of giant glacial rocks, with numerous cracks, crevices, and caves. Perfect for careful exploration. This rock formation is located on Forestry Road 179, near Sheffield. Watch the video for a preview of this area. The last few minutes of the video is a walk through a natural tunnel in the rocks.

DANGER: There are steep cliffs!!! A fall from one of these rocks would cause severe injuries and possibly death! The caves/ crevices could be home to wild animals, from opossums to raccoons to foxes to bears. Most wild animals are dangerous when cornered.

View Giant Rock Formations in a larger map

Bent Run is a small stream that descends between Forest Road 160 and Route 59, above the Kinzua Dam. Over the mile it descends, the water drops about 700 feet in a series of small cascades, ending in small pools. The largest waterfall is about 30 feet, when the stream is at capacity. A series of falls can be seen from the parking area. There is a rocky worn trail leading alongside the falls, up the hill. It is possible to travel from the base of the run all the way to the top, but climbing becomes difficult. Best viewing time is after a good rain or during the Spring thaw, when the stream is in its full glory. During drier times of the year, the flow is reduced to a trickle.

Note: Steep and rocky terrain – rocks become very slippery when wet. Trail becomes less distinct as you gain altitude.


  • Public restrooms at nearby Kinzua Dam 

To reach the trailhead from Warren, Pennsylvania:

  • Take Route 59 past the Kinzua Dam – Bent Run parking area is on the right, just a short distance past the Kinzua Dam


View Bent Run Hike in a larger map

This 11.1 mile trail is located approximately one half mile north of Hearts Content Recreation Area along SR2002 (the Hearts Content Road), 15 miles southwest of Warren, PA. the and forms a loop through the Hickory Creek Wilderness.

This trail is marked infrequently with faded yellow blazes. In keeping with Wilderness values, they will be allowed to fade further over time and will not be replaced. This may make the trail difficult to follow, especially when fallen leaves or snow make the established tread more difficult to see.

All trail maintenance is done to protect the Wilderness character of the area, not for the convenience of the visitors to this place. This means that obstructions on the trail will not be removed unless not doing so would cause irreversible environmental damage. This may make the trail even more difficult to follow. It is suggested that all hikers have and know how to use a map and compass or GPS device when hiking in Hickory Creek Wilderness.

The 11.1 mile Hickory Creek trail provides a unique opportunity for those who seek a Wilderness trail challenge not available elsewhere in this region of the country. If a Wilderness maintenance standard is not the type of hiking experience you seek, we encourage you to explore any of the nearly 200 miles of well-marked developed hiking trails available throughout the Allegheny National Forest.

Finding the trail: The new trailhead parking lot is located approximately one half mile north of Hearts Content Recreation Area along SR2002 (the Hearts Content Road), 15 miles southwest of Warren, PA. US 6 and Township Road T3005 meet in the middle of Warren at the Hickory Street Bridge. TR 3005 begins here, crossing the Allegheny River toward Warren General Hospital (bear left away from the hospital after you cross the bridge). Follow TR 3005 about 11 miles to its junction with a marked township road which leads to Hearts Content Recreation Area (four miles).

Hiking the trail: Watch the informational signs. This trail offers challenges to a wide range of skill levels as it traverses the rolling terrain within the Hickory Creek Wilderness. From Hearts Content Recreation Area, the trail heads westward along the top of the plateau between East Hickory and Middle Hickory Creeks. Once the trail reaches Jacks Run, it loops back eastward and climbs in and out of several small valleys along the way.

Fishing for small native brookies can be done in East and Middle Hickory Creeks. Enjoy the wildlife viewing as you hike. The vegetation found in the Hickory Creek Wilderness supports wildlife typically associated with older trees and decaying vegetation. Groves of hemlock may be found along the lower half of East Hickory Creek. Middle Hickory Creek flows through meadows studded with bogs and beaver ponds. Large white pine are scattered in open areas. The most significant evidence of human intrusion that still remains are several old railroad grades used in early logging efforts.

Camp overnight as you enjoy the Hickory Creek Wilderness, or make a long day trip through the wilderness.

Regulations: The trail currently blazed infrequently with yellow paint on tree blazes, but is in the process of being changed to unpainted tree blazes in order to be more compatible with a wilderness designation. Normal wilderness regulations apply, including no motorized vehicles or equipment use of any kind. Forest trail policy prohibits the use if a saddle, pack or draft animal on hiking trails.

Hickory Creek Wilderness Trail Map

Short video clip showing the trailhead

View Hickory Creek Wilderness Trail in a larger map

This 10.5 kilometer (6.4 mile) trail utilizes old railroad grades, roads and existing trails to form several loops for your skiing pleasure. Of significance is the old growth forest of hemlock, beech and white pine in the Hearts Content National Scenic Area – enjoy the solitude and grandeur of these ancient trees.

Finding the area: The trailhead parking lot is located at the picnic area of the Hearts Content Recreation Area 15 miles southwest of Warren, PA. To reach Hearts Content Recreation Area, take the Warren to Tidioute road from Warren or Tidioute to the junction of the Hearts Content Road. Follow this road four miles to the Hearts Content Recreation Area. From Sheffield, take the Austin Hill (Bull Hill) Road to the Hearts Content Road. Total distance is approximately 15 miles.

Regulations: This trail is for hiking, skiing and mountain biking. Motorized vehicles, ATVs and snowmobiles, are not allowed on any of the trails. Forest trails policy prohibits the use of a saddle, pack or draft animals on hiking or cross county ski trails. If you are hunting in the area, please make sure you are outside the campground boundary. All dogs must be on leashes when using the trail.

Skiing the area: Watch the informational signs. This trail area offers challenges to the beginning skier. The more experienced skier will find these trails offer an easy afternoon. All three loops are rated as suitable for beginners.

The Hearts Content Loop offers a scenic tour through the grandiose old stands of beech, hemlock and white pine. Toms’ Run Loop offers a gradual rise in elevation as it climbs the plateau along Tom’s Run. At the headwaters of Tom’s Run, the trail crosses the plateau and joins with the Ironwood Loop. This loop offers another opportunity for beginning skiers to experience the Hearts Content Cross-Country Ski Area, park at Dunham Siding on the Hearts Content Road instead of parking at Hearts Content Recreation Area. The Ironwood Loop receives less use than the other two trails and for that reason offers a little more solitude.


  • Public restrooms
  • Picnic area
  • Campground
  • Running water (seasonally)

Hearts Content Trail Map

View Hearts Content Hikes in a larger map

The hike to Rimrock Overlook can be easily made in less than 10 minutes on the man-made pathway. A series of steps and board walkways help you descend to the main overlooks. These overlooks offer spectacular views of the Allegheny Reservoir and Allegheny National Forest. Another set of steps, carved in the stone, take you down below the overlook to primitive hiking trails. Commonly seen wildlife in this area includes birds, chipmunks, squirrels, grouse, and whitetail deer. In addition, black bear, wild turkey, red & grey fox, raccoon, opossum, bobcat, fisher,weasel, and coyotes can be found in the area, but seen less often. Be sure to stay on the trails, as there are dangerous cliffs around the overlook area.


  • Public restrooms
  • Picnic area
  • Board walkways and steps, as well as primitive trails below the overlook 

To reach the trailhead from Warren, Pennsylvania:

  • Take Route 59 past the Kinzua Dam, Wolf Run Marina, and Kinzua Beach
  • Turn right at the top of the hill after Kinzua Beach/ Wolf Run Marina
  • Road ends in parking area

View Rimrock Overlook Trail in a larger map

The hike to Jakes Rocks Overlook can be easily made in less than 10 minutes on the fairly level, paved pathway, making this a very easy hike for nearly anyone. The overlooks offer spectacular views of the Kinzua Dam and Allegheny Reservoir. Commonly seen wildlife in this area includes birds, chipmunks, squirrels, grouse, and whitetail deer. In addition, black bear, wild turkey, red & grey fox, raccoon, opossum, bobcat, fisher,weasel, and coyotes can be found in the area, but seen less often. Be sure to stay on the trails, as there are dangerous cliffs around the overlook area.


  • Public restrooms
  • Picnic area
  • Paved hiking trails

To reach the trailhead from Warren, Pennsylvania:

  • Take Route 59 past the Kinzua Dam
  • Turn right onto Longhouse Scenic Drive
  • Turn right again onto Forest Road 492
  • Turn right again at the stop sign.
  • Bear to the right at the triangle intersection, and go to the 2nd parking lot.
  • The trailhead is near the back of the lot.

View Jakes Rocks Overlook Trail in a larger map

Please see the Pennsylvania Game Commission Website. for official Rules and Regulations

Click here to see updated license availability
As of this post, WMU 2G is SOLD OUT!
As of 7/28, WMU 2F is SOLD OUT!
As of 7/31, WMU 1B is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/4, WMU 4B is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/5, WMU 2E is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/5, WMU 4A is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/5, WMU 4D is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/11, WMU 2C is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/11, WMU 2D is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/11, WMU 3C is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/18, WMU 1A is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/18, WMU 3A is SOLD OUT!
As of 8/18, WMU 4C is SOLD OUT!

To purchase a DMAP license online, you will need to visit the PGC’s DMAP section and click on a county. This will list the available DMAP coupons available. Take note of the WMU number and DMAP ID number, as you will need these to purchase the license. Once you have logged in to the link below with your hunting license number, driver’s license number, or SSN, select the option to purchase a DMAP license without a coupon. You will then enter the WMU number, DMAP ID, and number of licenses.
Click here to buy a DMAP License Online

View Printable Map & Descriptions of Wildlife Management Units

Cost of Antlerless Deer Licenses:
Residents – $6.70
Non-residents – $26.70

First Days for Applications
By Mail Only:

Antlerless License ( Residents) – July 13
Antlerless License ( Non-Residents) – July 27
Unsold Antlerless, 1st Round, one per applicant – August 3
Unsold Antlerless, 2nd Round, one per applicant – August 17

Over-the-Counter Sales:

Antlerless License for WMU’s 2B, 5C, & 5D – Begins August 24
All other WMU’s – Begins November 2